Dachshund Loves To Snuggle With Wild Bunny His Mom Saved
  • 20.09.2021
  • 284

Dachshund helps raise teeny wild bunny — and kisses him on the head when it's time to say goodbye 💗

The Wienerlympics! - Cute & Funny Wiener Dog Video!
  • 17.09.2021
  • 1613

Crusoe and Daphne rejoin with Oakley for the first official Wienerlympics games, which are like the #Olympics but instead are dedicated for the #dogs! So enjoy this super cute, fun video of these #dachshunds competing against each other in various sport competitions. And of course, all dogs were safe and comfortable in everything we did. Oakley loves swimming (and jumping in the water), and Daphne too is a swimmer. Crusoe is not as much a fan of being in the water so he decided not to race that one! But the dogs go through 7 different doggy competitions, including: - Swimming - Weight Lifting - Fencing (yes, dogs fencing) - High Dive - Long Jump - Wrestling - Running

Hundreds Of Dachshunds Joined A ‘Sausage Walk’ In London
  • 17.09.2021
  • 126

Dachshunds, also known as weiner or sausage dogs, travel from all over the UK to come together in the Smithfield Market to parade through London in a ‘Sausage Walk.’ Some pups even visit from other countries to participate in this international event.

Funny Mini Dachshund dogs world
  • 17.09.2021
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I just loved seeing those baby and mum’s playing with the baby’s every one has a place no pup cross the line😁, I just love dashshunds they are my favorite ❤️❤️I have 2 females blk& tan and honey red they are sooooo cute together playing and chasing each other, they are a lot of 🤩 fun, thanks for sharing your video be safe and stay healthy

Swimming and morning walk with 2 Dachshunds.
  • 17.09.2021
  • 48

The girls were being extra adventurous and wild today. I can't believe Loulou got into the water at this time of year. Is it cold or still warm? They're so silly.

Cute & Funny Dachshund Puppies Compilation 2021
  • 17.09.2021
  • 780

I love all doggies, but without a doubt Dachshunds are my absolute favorite breed. These few minutes were such a delight for me!