A compliment from dachshund chef
  • 18.10.2021
  • 11862

Wow that bark was excellent when the food just appeared...great job din

Please, stay with me today... Cute & funny dachshund dog video!
  • 17.10.2021
  • 7360

Din, you are such a smart and clever little boy! You look adorable in your blue 👕! It's funny, but you look so good in clothes! 😆 It's even odd when you are nekked! 😄 No other dog on YouTube like you! Top Dog! 👑🐾 ⭐

Dachshund Has a Halloween Nightmare!
  • 16.10.2021
  • 22582

I love this video so much! Hands down one of my favorites ever! You guys did amazing with the boys. I love how Oakley's eyes widen at the scary parts with Crusoe. Perfection! (I have already watched 3 times in a row) Thank you for the great video!

Mother’s life with dachshund puppies.
  • 15.10.2021
  • 30892

The closer I get to the end of my own life the more precious these new beginnings. So full of promise and exploration. I enjoy watching any life grow.

Dachshund Puppy Reacts After Meeting Toy Look-Alike
  • 12.10.2021
  • 64470

Madeline experiences her first encounter with a battery-powered Dachshund toy dog. Watch how she reacts!

Crusoe the Dachshund Lifeguard - Funny Dog at the Beach!
  • 11.10.2021
  • 4635

THIS WAS ADORABLE🥰🥰🥰 If you want someone to help with your lifeguarding then my max dachshund would be perfect 😁in 9 months

Evening walk on the beach with 2 Dachshunds.
  • 10.10.2021
  • 6191

And we're off running. Something to chew on now and then. The water is fine, come on in! A beautiful evening 💕

How do our Dachshunds react to a box full of toys?
  • 07.10.2021
  • 23399

This is a box full of old toys. Washed and they are in a closet. It feels to them as if it is something new again. Loulou doesn't destroy anything, but Coco destroys the plastic toys these days. Oh and after Loulou found the treats. Coco also got treats.

How do our Dachshunds react in the rain?
  • 07.10.2021
  • 26149

Loulou & Coco always want to go for a walk. Even when it rains, but now it started to rain harder and they get cold so we didn't stay outside too long.

Greatest Chefs Battle!!! Cute & funny dachshund dog video!
  • 05.10.2021
  • 2318

Wow! Its December 1st already! Christmas and New Year are coming very soon! But there is so much things to do - buy gifts, choose clothes, and finally decide who will cook a festive dinner! And it will be not so easy! Despite the fact that my mommy is the best and loves me too much, in a kitchen she become a tyrant! No one in our family ever dared to challenge her culinary... Until now!

Covidiots are everywhere! Cute & funny dachshund dog video!
  • 05.10.2021
  • 15673

The pandemic affected everyone in different ways: someone calmly cope with at home lockdown, but someone buys all toilet paper from store shelves, or products that they don’t even eat, just because everyone else buys it... or goes too far with medical masks... For example, they are wear it even while alone at home, or in a car, or in a field... Now there are even a special term for such people - covidiots... And sometimes it seems to me that covidiots are just everywhere! Sometimes I even think - maybe I am a covidiot too?... No, nonsense!

Wire less! Cute & funny dachshund dog video!
  • 03.10.2021
  • 8243

Many of you have noticed that my brother puppy Jay and I are very similar! But we have completely different characters! And completely different strengths and weaknesses! For example, Jay is very sweet and achieves everything with his cute eyes, but I am very stubborn and purposeful and achieve everything with a hard work! After all, no matter how talented and handsome you are, you will not achieve anything if you do not work hard! I always dive deep into every business and can work all day and all night without noticing what is happening around!!! This is my biggest strength! But... sometimes I even too stubborn and purposeful!

A day with my dachshund and puppies.
  • 01.10.2021
  • 75042

That dog eats really well. Can I be dog in your house. I'll clean up after myself. I'll even do your taxes.

Life is better with pyjama! Cute & funny dachshund dog video!
  • 28.09.2021
  • 6961

Din I am laughing so hard!! Did not expect that ending:) You are so talented and creative together with your daddy and mommy. So: what are daddy's new favorite pajamas now that the pink teddy pajamas are gone? And do you have favorite pjs also? Mine are blue with doggies and the words "Wuv is all you need" all over them:)